What The Duck Activities

Looking for activities for Lego Serious Play Ducks? Encourage collaboration, communication, and camaraderie at your next event.

LEGO Serious Play enthusiasts and facilitators alike are raving about the innovative "What the Duck" activities, designed to harness the full potential of LEGO Duck Bricks. These unique workshops have taken the facilitation world by storm, offering a fresh perspective on team building, brainstorming, and ideation sessions. With LEGO Serious Play at its core, What the Duck activities elevate group dynamics to new heights.

In What the Duck sessions, participants are handed the iconic LEGO Duck Bricks, unlocking a world of creative problem-solving and collaboration. The ducks serve as versatile tools that encourage open communication and innovative thinking. By incorporating LEGO Serious Play methodologies, teams are guided through structured exercises that stimulate imagination and unlock hidden insights.

What sets What the Duck apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate LEGO Serious Play principles into a tailored experience. Participants are encouraged to build, share, and reflect on their creations, leading to deeper connections and a more cohesive team dynamic. The tactile nature of the LEGO Duck Bricks brings a tangible dimension to discussions, resulting in richer, more meaningful outcomes.

Whether you're a seasoned LEGO Serious Play facilitator or new to the methodology, What the Duck activities offer a dynamic and engaging approach to workshops. The LEGO Duck Bricks, combined with the power of LEGO Serious Play, create an environment where creativity flourishes, and ideas take flight. Elevate your team's potential with What the Duck, and experience firsthand the transformative impact of this innovative approach to facilitation.